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The Federalist papers

"Alexander Hamilton, in an energetic effort to win over his home state, began a series of essays explaining and defending the Constitution. These were published in New York City newspapers under the pseudonym Publius. Hamilton was aided by contributions from two other advocates of a new and energetic national government, James Madison and John Jay. The efforts of these three men resulted in The Federalist Papers - an authoritative analysis of the Constitution of the United States and an enduring classic of political philosophy that takes its place in history beside the Constitution itself."--Message to mankind
Print Book, English, ©1961
Penguin, New York, ©1961
Mentor book, ME2541
560 pages ; 18 cm
9780451625410, 0451625412
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The Federalist Papers
The Constitution of the United States of America, collated with The Federalist Papers
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