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The History of North America

Guy Carleton Lee (Editor), Francis Newton Thorpe (Editor)
Print Book, English, [1903-07]
Printed for subscribers only by G. Barrie & Sons, Philadelphia, [1903-07]
20 volumes : color frontispieces, illustrations ; 23 cm
v. 1. Discovery and exploration, by A. Brittain, in conference with G.E. Reed
v. 2. The Indians of North America in historic times, by C. Thomas, in conference with W.J. McGee
v. 3. The colonization of the South, by P.J. Hamilton
v. 4. The colonization of the Middle States and Maryland, by F.R. Jones
v. 5. The colonization of New England, by B.B. James
v. 7. The formation and development of the Constitution, by T.F. Moran
v. 8. The Louisiana Purchase and the westward movement, by C.M. Geer
v. 9. Central American and Mexico, by A. Fortier and J.R. Ficklen
v. 10. The Pacific Slope and Alaska, by J. Schafer
v. 11. Canada and British North America, by W.B. Munro
v. 12. The growth of the nation, 1809 to 1837, by R.T. Stevenson. (cont.)
v. 13. The growth of the nation, 1837 to 1860, by E.W. Sikes and W.M. Keener
v. 14. The Civil War from a southern standpoint, by W.R. Garrett and R.A. Halley
v. 15. The Civil War: the national view, by F.N. Thorpe
v. 16. The Reconstruction period, by P.J. Hamilton
v. 17. The rise of the New South, by P.A. Bruce
v. 18. The development of the North since the Civil War, by J.M. Rogers
v. 19. Prehistoric North America, by W.J. McGee and C. Thomas
v. 20. Island possessions of the United States, by A.E. McKinley. General index
Young people's edition ... of which this set is no. 87