Front cover image for This fine place so far from home : voices of academics from the working class

This fine place so far from home : voices of academics from the working class

Features several autobiographical and analytical essays, which reveal an academic world in which "blue-collar work is invisible." Describing conflict and frustration, this book exposes a divisive middle-class bias in the university setting.
Print Book, English, 1995
Temple University Press, Philadelphia, 1995
viii, 341 pages ; 24 cm
9781566392907, 9781566392914, 156639290X, 1566392918
Introduction / Carolyn Leste Law
1. Stupid Rich Bastards / Laurel Johnson Black
2. A Real Class Act: Searching for Identity in the "Classless" Society / Julie A. Charlip
3. Bronx Syndrome / Stephen Garger
4. The Screenwriter's Tale / Jennifer Lawler
5. You Were Raised Better Than That / Naton Leslie
6. In the Shadow of My Old Kentucky Home / George T. Martin, Jr
7. Todos Vuelven: From Potrero Hill to UCLA / Rosa Maria Pegueros
8. Another Day's Journey: An African American in Higher Education / Gloria D. Warren
9. Useful Knowledge / Mary Cappello
10. A Carpenter's Daughter / Renny Christopher
11. Paper Mills / Heather J. Hicks
12. The Social Construction of a Working-Class Academic / Dwight Lang
13. Working-Class Women as Academics: Seeing in Two Directions, Awkwardly / Nancy Lapaglia
14. Ambivalent Maybe / Wilson J. Moses
15. Class Matters: Symbolic Boundaries and Cultural Exclusion / Sharon O'Dair
16. Nowhere at Home: Toward a Phenomenology of Working-Class Consciousness / Christine Overall
17. Past Voices, Present Speakers / Donna Burns Phillips
18. Workin' at the U. / Milan Kovacovic
19. Class, Composition, and Reform in Departments of English: A Personal Account / Raymond A. Mazurek
20. Complicity in Class Codes: the Exclusionary Function of Education / Irvin Peckham
21. Is There a Working-Class History? / William A. Pelz
22. Psychology's Class Blindness: Investment in the Status Quo / Deborah Piper
23. Working It Out: Values, Perspectives, and Autobiography / John Sumser
24. The Work of Professing (A Letter to Home) / Michael Schwalbe
Afterword / C.L. Barney Dews