Front cover image for Proceedings of the Colloquium on Global Aspects of Coral Reefs, Health, Hazards and History

Proceedings of the Colloquium on Global Aspects of Coral Reefs, Health, Hazards and History

Print Book, English, [1994]
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami, Miami, Fla., [1994]
Conference papers and proceedings
ix, 420 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm
9780932981790, 0932981798
The coral record of late glacial sea level rise / Arthur L. Bloom
Plio-Pleistocene extinctions and the origin of the modern Caribbean reef-coral fauna / Ann F. Budd, Kenneth G. Johnson, and Thomas A. Stemann
How have Holocene sea level rise and antecedent topography influenced Belize barrier reef development? / Randolph B. Bruke
Preferential distribution of reefs in the Florida reef tract : the past is the key to the present / Robert N. Ginsburg and Eugene A. Shinn
Sessile communities as environmental bio-monitors in Cuban coral reefs / Pedro M. Alcolado, Alejandro Herrera-Moreno, and Nereida Martinez-Estalella
Comparison of linear growth rates in Porites between undisturbed and stressed environments, Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea / Wolf-Christian Dullo, Georg A. Heiss, and Elja de Vries
Developing methods for assessing coral reef vitality : a tale of two scales / Phillip Dustan
Non-invasive research and monitoring in coral reefs / Judith C. Lang, Bassett Maguire Jr., Allison J. King, and Phillip Dustan
Quantification of loss and change in Floridian reef coral populations / James W. Porter and Ouida W. Meier
Reef fishes as indicators of conditions of coral reefs / Ernst S. Reese
Reef monitoring in Maldives and Zanzibar : low-tech and high-tech science / Michael J. Risk, Jennifer J. Dunn, William R. Allison, and Chris Horril
Status and recent history of coral reefs at the CARICOMP network of Caribbean marine laboratories / Struan R. Smith and John C. Ogden (editors) ; Pedro M. Alcolado, David Bone, Phillippe Bush, Jorge Cortes, Jaime Garzon-Ferreira, Richard Laydoo, Hazel A. Oxenford, Joe Ryan, Joth Singh, John Tschirky, Francisco Ruiz, Susan White, and Jeremy Woodley
Global status of Scleractinia, Alcyonaria, Antipatharia, Stylasterina and Milleporina in the tropical western Atlantic : guidelines and assessment / K.M. Sullivan, R. Roca, E.C. Peters, and M. Chiappone
Long-term monitoring (2.5 years) of effects of short-term field exposure of stony corals to dispersed and undispersed crude oil / Richard E. Dodge and Anthony H. Knap
Symbiont loss ("bleaching") in the reef-dwelling benthic foraminifer Amphistegina gibbosa in the Florida Keys in 1991-92 / Pamela Hallock and Helen K. Talge
The status of the remnant population of Acropora palmata (Lamarck, 1816) at Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida, with a discussion of possible cases of changes since 1881 / Walter C. Jaap and Frank J. Sargent
Phosphorus inputs and eutrophication on the Florida reef tract / Brian E. Lapointe, William R. Matzie, and Mark W. Clark
Why conservation by legal fiat does not work / Howard Latin
Alacranes and Akumal coral reefs, Mexico. Their health, uses and concerns / Enrique Martinez-Osegueda, Ricardo Munoz-Chagin, and Gustavo de la Cruz-Aguero
Effects of temperature and UV-B on different components of coral reef communities from the Bahamas / Marjorie L. Reaka-Kudla, Douglas S. O'Connell, James D. Regan, and Robert I. Wickland
Oil on troubled waters : impacts of the Gulf War on coral reefs / Callum M. Roberts, Nigel Downing, and Andrew R.G. Price
Oil refinery impacts on coral reef communities in Aruba, N.A. / C. Mark Eakin, Joshua S. Feingold, and Peter W. Glynn
The health and short-term change of two coral patch reefs, Fernandez Bay, San Salvador Island, Bahamas / H. Allen Curran, Durelle P. Smith, Lucy Chambers Meigs, Ann E. Pufall, and Mary Lisa Greer
Twenty years of change in coral communities over deep reef slopes, along leeward coasts in the Netherlands Antilles / R.P.M Bak and G. Nieuwland
Fifty years of impacts on coral reefs in Bermuda / C.B. Cook, R.E. Dodge, and S.R Smith
The relationship between environmental factors and coral bleaching at Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas in 1990 / George D. Dennis and Robert I. Wicklund
The M/V Wellwood and other large vessel groundings : coral reef damage and recovery / Stephen R. Gittings, ThomasJ. Bright, and Derek K. Hagman
Protection and monitoring of reefs on the Flower Garden Banks, 1972-1992 / Stephen R. Gittings, Thomas J. Bright, and Derek K. Hagman
Hurricane Hugo's Impact on Salt River Submarine Canyon, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands / Richard B. Aronson, Kenneth P. Sebens, and John P. Ebersole
The impacts of fishing on coral reefs / James A. Bohnsack
Comparison of biological and geological perspectives of coral-reef community structure at Buck Island, U.S. Virgin Islands / Dennis K. Hubbard, Elizabeth H. Gladfelter, and John C. Bythell
Coral reef degradation : a long-term study of human and natural impacts / Terence P. Hughes
Hurricanes and anchors : preliminary results from the National Park Service Regional Reef Assessment Program / Caroline S. Rogers
Is herbivore loss more damaging to reef than hurricanes? : case studies from two Caribbean reef systems (1978-1988) / Robert S. Steneck
Structural changes and vulnerability of a coral reef (Cayo Enrique) in La Parguera, Puerto Rico / Vance P. Vicente
Contamination gradient and its effect on the coral community structure in the Santa Marta area, Colombian Caribbean / Alberto Acosta M
A reef under siltation stress : a decade of degradation / Jorge Cortes
Extensive mortality of corals in the Colombian Caribbean during the last two decades / Jaime Garzon-Ferreira and Margriet Kielman
Impact of tourism development on the coral reefs of the Abrolhos area, Brazil / Zelinda M.A.N. Leao, Marcelo D. Telles, Roberto Sforza, Helio A. Bulhoes, and Ruy K.P. Kikuchi
Anatomy of a dying coral reef : Punta Islotes Reef, Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica / Ian Macintyre, Jorge Cortes, and Peter W. Glynn
The coral reefs of the San Blas Islands revisited after 20 years / John C. Ogden and Nancy B. Ogden
History of a fringing reef on the west coast of Barbados, 1974-1992 / Terence P. Scoffin
Natural and anthropogenic disturbances on intertidal reefs of S.E. Phuket, Thailand, 1979-1992 / Barbara E. Brown, Martin D. Le Tissier, Richard P. Dunne, and Terence P. Scoffin
Health of fringing reefs of Asia through a decade of change. A case history from Phuket Island, Thailand / Hansa Chansang and Niphon Phongsuwan
On the severe changes in the ecology and sedimentation of Luweitou fringing coral reefs Hainan Island, China / Wang Guozhong, Lu Bingquan, and Quan Songqing
Sedimentation damage to reef corals / Gregor Hodgson
Case histories : a historical perspective of the natural and anthropogenic impacts in the Indonesian archipelago with a focus on the Kepulauan Seribu, Java Sea / Tomas Tomascik, Suharsono, and Anmarie J. Mah
Status of coral reefs in Southeast Asia : threats and responses / C.R. Wilkinson, L.M. Chou, E. Gomez, A.R Ridzwan, S. Soekarno, and S. Sudara
The demise of the fringing coral reefs of Barbados and of regions in the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) lagoon : impacts of eutrophication / Peter R.F. Bell and Tom Tomascik
Impacts of cyclone-induced floods on fringing reefs : case study of Keppel Bay, Queensland, Australia / Grahame Byron
Doomsday ecology misapplied : alleged versus documented impacts of a deep ocean sewage outfall in Hawaii / Richard W. Grigg and Steven J. Dollar
Reefs in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii : two centuries of western influence and two decades of data / Cynthia L. Hunter and Christopher W. Evans
Can the Great Barrier Reef model of marine protected ocean save reefs world wide? / Grahame Kelleher
Biological limits to Caribbean reef recovery : a comparison with western South Pacific reefs / Barbara L. Kojis and Norman J. Quinn
Effects of coastal runoff on coral reproduction / Robert H. Richmond
Biodiversity of reef corals : is there a problem in the Indo-Pacific centre of diversity? / J.E.N. Veron
Damage to shallow reef corals in the Gulf is caused by periodic exposures to air during extreme low tides and low water temperatures (Tarut Bay, eastern Saudi Arabia) / Y.H. Fadlallah, K.W. Allen, and R.A. Estudillo
The Houtman Abrolhos reefs of Western Australia : environmental and anthropogenic change in the structure and function of reef communities at high latitude / Bruce G. Hatcher and Lindsay B. Collins
The growth of coastal tourism in the Red Sea : present and possible future effects on coral reefs / Julie P. Hawkins and Callum M. Roberts
Status of Kenyan coral reefs / T.R. McClanahan and D. Obura
Effect of nutrient excess on a modern fringing reef (Reunion Island, western Indian Ocean) : geological implications / Lucien F. Montaggioni, Pascale Cuet, and Odile Naim
Three adjacent coral reefs in north-western Sri Lanka : biology and human disturbances / Marcus Ohman, Arjan Rajasuriya, and Olof Linden
Present status of coral reefs in Sri Lanka / Arjan Rajasuriya
"Commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science ... with the cooperation of the International Society for Reef Studies."
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"June 10, 11, 1993."