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Women of all ages are portrayed in this revelation of what it means to have and be a sister
Print Book, English, ©1994
Running Press, Philadelphia, ©1994
illustrated books
135 pages : illustrations ; 25 x 30 cm
9781561384501, 156138450X
Anna Margaret and Hannah Marie : the Klales sisters
Eli and Liz : the Martinez sisters
Coretta and Edythe : the Scott sisters
Anna, Jane, and Kate : the McGarrigle sisters
Maria and Michele : the D'Ambrosio sisters
Erin, Kelly, and Christy : the Turlington sisters
Lindsey and Eryn : the Elkin sisters
Nancy and Becky : the Young sisters
Aimee and Amanda : the Hector sisters
Joan and Ann : the Petitt sisters
Haydee and Sahara : the Scull sisters
Midge and Dixie : the Carter sisters
Janet and Julie : the Johnson sisters
Linda and Susan : the Karlin sisters
The Luong sisters
Millie, Gerry, and Anne : the Adelman sisters
Nancy and Rhea : the Lemmerman sisters
Sister Catherine and Sister Mary : the Glackin sisters
Donna, Debbie, and Shirley : the Masiejczyk sisters
Sheryl and Nancy : the Glass sisters
Janice and Elizabeth : the Coffey sisters
Bloomie, Dotty, and Minnie : the Green sisters
Tangra, Karen, Claudia, Linda, and Aulana : the Pharis sisters
Sandra, Georgette, and Wendy : the Wasserstein sisters. Katie, Charlene, and Julie : the Cunningham sisters
Kim, Sandra, and Sheryl : the Blackie sisters
Clare, Chris, and Jeanne : the Evert sisters
Kay, Loretta, and Loudilla : the Johnson sisters
Kristin and Laura : the Beck sisters
Bernetta and Margaret : the Crommarty sisters
Irlene, Louise, and Barbara : the Mandrell sisters
Clementine and Melba : the Moorman sisters
Whitney and Becky : the Williams sisters
Tamara and Deborah : the Hadley sisters
Pat and Gail : the Henion sisters
Hope and Mary Binney : the Montgomery sisters