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Handbook of personality psychology

Serving as a reference work for personality psychologists, this handbook discusses the development and measurement of personality as well as biological and social determinants, dynamic personality processes, the personality's relation to the self, and personality in relation to applied psychology.
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Academic Press, San Diego, ©1997
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xxiv, 987 pages ; 24 cm
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Introduction : the nature pf personality psychology
A conceptual history of personality psychology / Dan P. McAdams
Studying lives : psychobiography and the conceptual structure of personality psychology / William McKinley Runyan
Units of analysis for the description and explanation of personality / John A. Johnson
In defense of traits / Jerry S. Wiggins
In defense of traits / Jerry S. Wiggins
Individuals and the differences between them / James T. Lamiell
Personality measurement : reliability and validity issues / Stephen G. West, John F. Finch
Personality influences on the choice of situations / William Ickes, Mark Snyder, Stella Garcia
Stages of personality development / Jane Loevinger
The emotional basis of early personality development : implications for the emergent self-concept / Rebecca A. Eder, Sarah C. Mangelsdorf
Family influences on personality development / Charles F. Halverson, Jr., Karen S. Wampler
Longitudinal stability of adult personality / Paul T. Costa, Jr., Robert R. McCrae
Is there adult development distinctive to women? / Ravenna Helson, Jennifer Pals, Marjorie Solomon. Evolutionary foundations of personality / David M. Buss
Evolutionary perspectives on personality traits / Arnold H. Buss
Genetics, temperament, and personality / David C. Rowe
Psychophysiological approaches to personality / Russell G. Geen
Personality and social structure : social psychological contributions / Thomas F. Pettigrew
Cross-cultural perspectives on personality / Harry C. Triandis
Trust and betrayal : the psychology of getting along and getting ahead / Warren H. Jones, Laurie Couch, Susan Scott
Motives and goals / Robert A. Emmons
The emotions : an integrative approach / James R. Averill
Psychological defense : contemporary theory and research / Delroy L. Paulhus, Bram Fridhandler, Sean Hayes
Internal inhibitions and controls / Edwin I. Megargee
Congruence of others' and self-judgments of personality / David C. Funder, C. Randall Colvin
The quest for self-insight : theory and research on accuracy and bias in self-perception / Richard W. Robins, Oliver P. John
Identity, self-concept, and self-esteem : the self lost and found / Roy F. Baumeister. Mental representations of persons and personality / John F. Kihlstrom, Reid Hastie
Personality structure : the return of the big five / Jerry S. Wiggins, Paul D. Trapnell
Extraversion and its positive emotional core / David Watson, Lee Anna Clark
Agreeableness : a dimension of personality / William G. Graziano, Nancy H. Eisenberg
Conceptions and correlates of openness to experience / Robert R. McCrae, Paul T. Costa, Jr
Conscientiousness and integrity at work / Joyce Hogan, Deniz S. Ones
Personality, interactive relations, and applied psychology / William F. Chaplin
Personality and health : progress and problems in psychosomatics / Deborah J. Wiebe, Timothy W. Smith
Personality diagnosis and personality disorders / Leslie C. Morey
Trends and practices in psychotherapy outcome assessment and their implications for psychotherapy and applied personality / Michael J. Lambert, Edwin C. Supplee View this book online, via DawsonERA, both on- and off-campus This title is also available in print. Click here.