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Creative nation : Australian cinema and cultural studies reader

Creative Nation is the first Reader on Australian Cinema and Cultural Studies published in India that introduces Australian films (historical, contemporary, art house, short, digital and documentary) as well as cultural texts (pop and hip hop, popular theatre, film music, Aboriginal songs and music, mass art, queer and photographic culture) for an international scholarship in order to broaden Australian studies in nations that have recently begun to explore this field, especially in Asia
Print Book, English, 2009
SSS Publications, New Delhi, 2009
Criticism, interpretation, etc
xlix, 600 pages : illustrations, 1 map ; 22 cm.
9788190228206, 819022820X
Australia on the silver screen / John Ramsland
Introduction. Creative nation: approaching Australian cinema and cultural studies / Amit Sarwal and Reema Sarwal
Cinema studies. Frameworks and forms. 1. Mapping film studies in Australia: institutions, personnel and critical positions / Noel King, Constantine Verevis and Deane Williams
2. Settings, subjects and stories: creating Australian cinema / Ben Goldsmith
3. Dynamic communities: contemporary Australian movies / Robert S. Watson
4. Unlike mainstream: towards a definition of the Australian art film / D. Bruno Starrs
5. A form of cultural expression: documentary film in the 'creative nation' / Peter Hughes
6. Poetry in motion: the short film form in Australia / Lisa French
7. Possibilities and pitfalls: low-budget digital cinema in Australia / Adrian Martin
Analysing genres. 8. Film and national mythology: the Anzac legend in Australian films / Daniel Reynaud
9. Shot in Australia, written just about everywhere: Australian science fiction and fantasy films and TV series / Sean McMullen
10. White stories/Black magic: Australian horror films of the Aboriginal / Alan McKee
11. Larrikin ockers and decent blokes: the national type in Australian film comedy / Felicity Collins
12. A strange time machine: The tracker, Black and white and Rabbit-proof fence / Jane Lydon
Theoretical positions. 13. The murderous state: the naturalisation of violence and exclusion in the films of neoliberal Australia / Jon Stratton
14. In search of the new man: masculinity in recent Australian film and television / Warwick Mules
15. Asian-Australian cinema, Asian-Australian modernity / Audrey Yue
16. Theorising the hybridity of "Australianness" in Australian cinema / Rama Venkatasawmy
17. Perception, convention, expectation and transformation: representation of Aborigines in Australian texts / Vijay Mishra Cultural studies. Structures and contexts. 18. Theory, story, history: Australian cultural studies / John Frow
19. The cultural studies "fever" in Australia / Chris Healy
20. Asianing Australia: notes toward a critical transnationalism in cultural studies / Ien Ang and Jon Stratton
Theory and practice. 21. Aussie battler in crisis? Shifting cultural constructions of white Australian masculinity and national identity / Katherine Bode
22. The queer(y)ing of Australian public culture discourse: activism, rights discourse, and survival strategies / Baden Offord
23. Pictures at an exhibilition: the exhibitionary context of early Australian cinema and photographic culture / Robert Dixon
24. "Looking in all the wrong places"; or, harlequin false testimony and the Bulletin magazine's mythical construction of national identity, theatrical enterprise and the social world of little Australia, circa 1880-1920 / Clay Djubal
Locating the popular. 25. In the name of popular culture: seriousness and unseriousness in the study of mass art / Adrian Martin
26. Suburbs and serenades: the location of Australian cultural identities through popular film music / Adam Trainer
27. A subculture "comin' upper": Australian hip-hop's multicultural literacies / Tony Mitchell
28. "A voice in modern Australia": songs of the Australian indigenous women / Liz Reed
29. Outside the hollow log: the didjeridu, globalisation and socio-economic contestation in Arnhem Land / Aaron Corn
Afterword. Cultural studies in an old country / Stephen Muecke
"The chapters presented in this Reader analyse dynamic subject matter such as family, moral values, cultural hybridity, Asian-Australian dialogues, gender and racial stereotypes, the representation of Australianness, Indigenous Australia, national symbols, mythology, and the representation of outback, suburban and metropolitan spaces in Australian cinema and culture in the broad context of globalization and international co-production"--Jacket