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Late Stalinist Russia Society Between Reconstruction and Reinvention

With fresh research and contributions from scholars, this book explores the late Stalinist period. It focuses on the experience of the Soviet people and their interaction with ideology, state policy, and national and international politics
Print Book, English, 2009
Routledge, 2009
9780415545624, 9780203969687, 9780415374767, 0415545625, 0203969685, 0415374766
late Stalinist society : history, policies and people
When the war was over
Population, politics and reproduction : late Stalinism and its legacy
The bitter legacy of the "Great Patriotic War" : Red Army disabled soldiers under late Stalinism
Subversive tales? war rumours in the Soviet Union 1945-47
Barracks, queues and private plots : post-war urban and rural landscapes
Standard of living versus quality of life : struggling with the urban environment in Russia during the early years of post-war reconstruction
"Into the grey zone" : sham peasants and the limits of the kolkhoz order in the post-war Russian village, 1945-1953
The corrupted state : war and the rise of the second economy
A "campaign spasm" : graft and the limits of the "campaign" against bribery after the Great Patriotic War
A darker "big deal" : concealing party crimes in the post-WWII era
New generations : identity between the yesterday of war and the possibilities of tomorrow
More than just Stalinists : the political sentiments of victors, 1945-1953
Children's lives after Zoia's death : order, emotions, and heroism in children's lives and literature in the post-war Soviet Union
The importance of being stylish : youth, culture and identity in late Stalinism
Post-war spaces : reconstructing a new world
"Where should we resettle the comrades next?" : the adjudication of housing claims and the construction of the post-war order
The Moscow Gorky Street in late Stalinism : space, history, and Lebenswelten
Conclusion : Late Stalinism in historical perspective