Front cover image for Time you let me in : 25 poets under 25

Time you let me in : 25 poets under 25

A collection of poems from 25 poets
Print Book, English, ©2010
Greenwillow Books, New York, ©2010
Young adult literature
xix, 236 pages ; 22 cm
9780061896378, 9780061896385, 0061896373, 0061896381
What is confidence? / Alexis D. Pepper-Smith
Introduction / Naomi Shihab Nye
Photons; Experiments in fire; Overlapping; Membership / Nicole Guenther
Question; Your father is not with us any longer son; Do you think; Shrunk / Chase Berggrun
Where I live; Borderlands, Texas; Throne; Death & taxes / Lauren Espinoza
Window seat 6A; Burkina faso; Invitation; Suggestion / Mackenzie Connellee
For my Mom; Plain stories: chronology of a cotton farmer; Christmas; Pupil / Brianne Carpenter
Shooting range on Mother's Day; Through the barn doors; Paynes prairie; Lesson on fire / Catherine Bates
Fourth or fifth love; Beside a broken-down bus on an overpass outside Philadelphia; My mother decides to seek candidacy as a Methodist minister; Growing up in woods / Mary Selph
Indexer in love; Many secrets of T.S. Eliot; Ode to Isabella's hair; Last words / Gray Emerson
Larry's produce; Fluency; Other renaissance; Rootless / Michelle Brittan
Tortillas; Torch; Run; Henry the horse / Henry Mills
First Halloween; Yogurt; Aragon; Recent poem / Emily Hendren
Evolution of a writer; Macaroni love; Rain, snow, and other weather; You should stop sending / Lauren Stacks
Belle Union, Indiana; On Sunday mornings; As far back as I can remember; Frostbite / Jonah Ogles
Poem for my name; Kitchen witness; To answer your questions, reportback Beirut; Prayer for a soldier back from Baghdad / Emma Shaw Crane
La Belle Dame Sans Merci; My mother and merlot: an un-still life; Color November: title; Sweat lodge prayer / Lauren Eriks
Game of table tennis, in remembrance; Veteran's Day; "Madness"; When they came to re-tar the streets / Jocelyn Stott
Still growing; What it is; Maple hands in a Wisconsin November, age 10; Something to balance / Anna West
Songs of war; To be two; Summer aches; Listen with care / Amal Khan
Living with a bodhisattva cat is intimidating; To my lover, who tells me he is old; My summer with the norseman; Severe / Margaret Bashaar
Upon arrival; Comfort poem; Falling man (and every person who jumped from the twin towers as they fell to the ground); I hear Quran / Tala Abu Rahmeh
Thanksgiving wishes for my grandfather; To my grandfather, a year later; To my rapist, after a tour of the lower ninth ward of New Orleans; Happiest moment of my life was when I realized I was happy / Kayla Sargeson
There are ghosts; Groom's man; Looking at her canvases; Finding our flag / Ben Westlie
Foundling; Sidewalk chalk; Ode to poetry; Dying man on a hospital bed / Matthew Baker
Even before you; Turning seven in the pediatrics unit; Giving tree; Dead woman left her signature in the front of my book, or what I have left / Allison Rivers
Double elegy; Leaving; Nothing; Egyptians / Laura Lee Beasley
Sacrament; Noticing the lesion; On the question of what drives coronary circulation, biology class, Morgan High School, 1999; To know the difference / Mario Chard
Notes on the contributors