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Global perspectives on the ecology of human-machine systems

John Flach
There is a growing consensus in the human factors/ergonomics community that human factors research has had little impact on significant applied problems
Print Book, English, 1995-
L. Erlbaum Associates, Hillsdale, N.J., 1995-
volumes <1> : illustrations ; 24 cm.
9780805813814, 9780805813821, 0805813810, 0805813829
1. The Ecology of Human Machine Systems: A Personal History / John M. Flach
2. On Human Factors / Peter A. Hancock and Mark H. Chignell
3. A Few Implications of an Ecological Approach to Human Factors / Kim J. Vicente
4. Requirements for Psychological Models to Support Design: Toward Ecological Task Analysis / Alex Kirlik
5. Virtual Ecology of Work / Jens Rasmussen and Annelise Mark Pejtersen
6. Toward a Theoretical Base for Representation Design in the Computer Medium: Ecological Perception and Aiding Human Cognition / David D. Woods
7. Active Psychophysics: The Relation Between Mind and What Matters / John M. Flach and Rik Warren
8. Constructing an Econiche / William H. Warren, Jr
9. Designing with Affordances in Mind / Brian S. Zaff
10. Use of a Means-End Abstraction Hierarchy to Conceptualize the Ergonomic Design of Workplaces / Marvin J. Dainoff and Leonard S. Mark
11. Dimensionless Invariants for Intentional Systems: Measuring the Fit of Vehicular Activities to Environmental Layout / Robert E. Shaw, Oded M. Flascher and Endre E. Kadar
12. "Center of Mass Perception": Affordances as Dispositions by Dynamics / Geoffrey P. Bingham and Michael M. Muchisky