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A primer to mechanism in organic chemistry

This book marks a significantly different approach to the subject. It has been designed specifically to offer a simpler and less sophisticated treatment of organic reaction mechanisms than that to be found in the Guidebook. It is based on three underlying principles: that there are three types of reaction - substitution, addition and elimination; that there are three types of reagent - nucleophiles, electrophiles and radicals; and that there are two effects - electronic and steric - through which the behaviour of a particular atom or group can be influenced by the rest of the molecule of which it is a constituent part. A Primer to Mechanism in Organic Chemistry is an essential resource for first- and second-year chemistry undergraduates and particularly, though not exclusively, those not then proceeding to further chemical study. It is also a useful reference for sixth-form students
Print Book, English, 1995
Longman Scientific & Technical ; Wiley, Harlow, Essex, England, New York, 1995
xii, 177 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9780582266445, 9780470235034, 0582266440, 0470235039
Foreword / D.W. Cameron
1. Basics
2. Nucleophilic substitution
3. Electrophilic substitution
4. Radical substitution
5. Electrophilic addition
6. Radical addition
7. Nucleophilic addition
8. Nucleophilic (base-induced) elimination
9. Electrophilic (acid-induced) elimination
10. Radical elimination
Includes index