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Wilderness in a changing world; [proceedings]

Print Book, English, [1966]
Sierra Club, San Francisco, [1966]
Conference papers and proceedings
253 pages illustrations 24 cm
Wilderness and man in 2065 / William E. Siri
The pressure of people / Lincoln H. Day
Comprehensive planning and the dragon to slay / Luna B. Leopold
The economic aspects of conservation / John B. Condliffe
Discussion / David Brower and James P. Gilligan, chairman
The spirit of the place / Albert E. Burke
The conservation of energy in its various forms / James Bonner
The plot to drown Alaska / Paul Brooks
Problems of pollution / James K. Carr
Discussion / A.J. Haagen-Smit and T. Eric Reynolds, chairman
Presentation of the John Muir Award / William E. Siri. Introduction / Clark Kerr. Address / Clinton P. Anderson
The outlook for wilderness / Paul B. Sears
The impact of recent legislation on administrative agencies / Edward P. Cliff, Edward C. Crafts, George Hartzog Jr., Charles H. Stoddard
the citizen's evaluation / Albert Lepawsky. Discussion / William E. Siri, chairman
The spiritual need / Sigurd F. Olson
Wilderness and humanity / Ashley Montagu
a psychiatric necessity / William C. Gibson
Facets of wilderness / Margaret W. Owings
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