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C by dissection : the essentials of C programming

Dissection, a method similar to a structured step-by-step walk-through, explains new programming elements and idioms as they are encountered in working code, so the reader can be introduced immediately to complete programs
Print Book, English, ©1996
Addison-Wesley Pub. Co, Menlo Park, Calif., ©1996
xxi, 687 pages ; 24 cm
9780805331493, 0805331492
Chapter 1, Writing an ANSI C Program
Chapter 2, Lexical elements, operators, and the C system
Chapter 3, Flow of control
Chapter 4, Functions and structured programming
Chapter 5, Character processing
Chapter 6, The Fundamental data types
Chapter 7, Enumeration types and typedef
Chapter 8, Functions, pointers, and storage classes
Chapter 9, Arrays and pointers
Chapter 10, Strings and pointers
Chapter 11, Recursion
Chapter 12, Structures and ADTs
Chapter 13, Input/Output and files
Chapter 14, Software tools
Chapter 15, From C to C+
Includes index