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After the affair

Infidelity is often the deathblow to a relationship. But it can also be a wake-up call, challenging couples to confront the issues that led to the affair and build a healthier, more intimate relationship than before. As a clinical psychologist who has been treating distressed couples for twenty-one years, Dr. Janis Abrahms Spring has found that couples can survive infidelity, provided that both partners are willing to look honestly at themselves and at each other and acquire the skills they need to help themselves through such a shattering crisis. After the Affair is the first book that explains exactly how to do this, offering a series of original and proven strategies that enable both partners to heal from infidelity without viewing each other simply as victims or victimizers. For those who are going through the pain, confusion, and anger of an infidelity, After the Affair can help you cope with the raging emotions, make a thoughtful decision about your future, and, if you choose to recommit, reclaim a life together
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HarperCollinsPublishers, New York, ©1996
xi, 292 pages ; 25 cm
9780060172367, 0060172363
Can a Couple Survive Infidelity?
1. The Hurt Partner's Response: Buried in an Avalanche of Losses
2. The Unfaithful Partner's Response: Lost in a Labyrinth of Choices
3. Exploring Your Ideas About Love
4. Confronting Your Doubts and Fears
5. Learning from the Affair
6. Restoring Trust
7. How to Talk About What Happened
8. Sex Again
9. Learning to Forgive
Revealing the Secret: Truth and Consequences