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Facets of faith and science

This second volume of Facets of Faith and Science focuses on the effects religious and metaphysical beliefs have on the content of the specific roles of metaphysical and religious beliefs in explanation and theory construction in biology, mathematics and physics. Co-published with The Pascal Centre for Advanced Studies in Faith and Science.
Print Book, English, 1996-
Pascal Centre for Advanced Studies in Faith and Science : University Press of America, Lanham, Md., 1996-
volumes <1-2> ; 24 cm
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v. 1 Historiography and modes of interaction
Part 1. Historiography
1. Religious belief and the natural sciences : mapping the historical landscape / John Hedley Brooke
2. On the importance of eliminating science and religion from the history of science and religion : the cases of Oliver Lodge, J.H. Jeans and A.S. Eddington / David B. Wilson
3. Interpreting Michael Faraday as the "Christian philosopher" : some problems regarding metaphysics / Geoffrey Cantor
4. Theory, the imagination and God / Thomas W. McCormick
5. Have worldviews shaped science? : a reply to Brooke / Stephen John Wykstra
Part 2. Modes of interaction and their general features
6. Aquinas on faith and science / Kenneth J. Konyndyk
7. The transcendental role of wisdom in science / Thomas F. Torrance
8. Ultimate and penultimate beliefs in science / Thomas F. Torrance
9. Methodological naturalism? / Alvin Plantinga
10. Scientific work and its theological dimensions : toward a theology of natural science / Christopher B. Kaiser
11. The possibility of conflict between science and Christian theology / Kenneth W. Kemp
12. Evaluation of models for interaction between metaphysical beliefs and the natural sciences : the post-Weltanschauungen era / Frederick Suppe
13. Stones that the builder rejected : an essay recommending the critical approach in both science and religion / Tom Settle. v. 2: The role of beliefs in mathematics and the natural sciences : an Augustinian perspective
Part 1. Belief in philosophy of science
1. Abraham Kuyper's philosophy of science / Del Ratzsch
2. Herman Bavinck on faith and science / Al Wolters
3. On the general relation of religion, metaphysics and science / Roy A. Clouser
4. A sketch of Dooyeweerd's philosophy of science / Roy A. Clouser
5. Rationalism, irrationalism, and the absolutized horizon of knowledge as ideals of knowledge in philosophy of science / Danie F.M. Strauss
6. Should worldviews shape science? : toward an integrationist account of scientific theorizing / Stephen John Wykstra
7. Tightening some (loose) screws : prospects for a Christian natural science / Del Ratzsch
Part 2. Beliefs in mathematics, physics and biology
8. How has Christian theology furthered mathematics? / Gene G. Chase
9. A historical analysis of the role of beliefs in the three foundational crises in mathematics / Danie F.M. Strauss
10. Primitive terms in mathematics : the interaction between commitment, theoretical worldview and axiomatic set theory / Danie F.M. Strauss
11. The interplay between science and belief : a case study in modern physics / Donald N. Petcher
12. Religious belief in sociobiology : how a physical analogy introduces materialism in human sociobiology / Jitse M. van der Meer
13. The influence of evolutionary biology on hierarchical theory in biology, with special reference to the problem of individuality / Uko Zylstra. v. 3: The role of beliefs in the natural sciences
Part 1. Beliefs in the physical sciences
1. Astral piety, astronomy and ethics in the ancient Mediterranean world / Liba Taub
2. On the complexity of the relationship between astronomy and religion : Jesuit missionary-astronomers in China in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries / Liba Taub
3. Astronomy for the people : R.A. Proctor and the popularization of the Victorian universe / Bernard Lightman
4. The role of beliefs in modern cosmology / John Byl
5. Newton and Christianity / Richard S. Westfall
6. Newton's rejection of the "Newtonian worldview" : the role of divine will in Newton's natural philosophy / Edward B. Davis
7. Physical laws as knowledge and belief / C.I.J.M. Stuart and T. Settle
8. The shroud of Turin : resetting the carbon-14 clock / Thaddeus J. Trenn
9. Rationalism, voluntarism and seventeenth-century science / Edward B. Davis
Part 2. Beliefs in the biological science
10. The concept of the "open system" : another machine metaphor for the organism? / Sytse Strijbos
11. A sensible God? : the bearing of theology on evolutionary explanation / Paul A. Nelson
12. Mind and brain, science and religion : belief and neuroscience in Donald M. MacKay and Roger W. Sperry
13. Control hierarchies : a view of life / David L. Wilcox
14. The concept of hierarchy in contemporary systems thinking : a key to overcoming reductionism? / Sytse Strijbos. v. 4: Interpreting God's action in the world
Part 1. Theistic interpretations
1. Recent thought on divine agency / Owen C. Thomas
2. The dressage ring and the ballroom : loci of double agency / Tom Settle
3. Randomness, omniscience and divine action / D. Brian Austin
4. Transcendent causes and computational miracles / William A. Dembski
5. On Craig's defence of the Kalam cosmological argument / John Byl
6. The nature of historical science and the demarcation of design and descent / Stephen C. Meyer
7. "Chiasmic cosmology" and "the same old story" : two Lutheran approaches to natural theology / George L. Murphy
8. Theism, Christianity and the grand evolutionary story / Donald H. Wacome
9. The gulf between design and descent : Charles Darwin's rejection of Asa Gray's Apologia / Kenneth W. Hermann
10. Natural theology and a Christian witness in chemistry and physics / Russell Maatman
11. The laws of nature and the nature of God / Christopher B. Kaiser
12. Design, chance and necessity in recent science and philosophy / George W. Sheilds
13. Religious apologetics and the transmutation of knowledge : was a chemico-theology possible in eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century Britain? / John Hedley Brooke
Part 2. The role of scripture in science
14. An interactive theory of the relation between science and scripture / Clark Pinnock
15. Galileo and the history of hermeneutics / Kenneth J. Howell
16. Copernicanism and the Bible in early modern science / Kenneth J. Howell
17. Faith and science in biblical perspective : human responsibility before God / Henk G. Geertsema
18. Organism of revelation / Michael Goheen
19. Scriptural revelation, creational revelation and natural science : the issue / Michael Goheen
20. Creation as separation : a proposed link between Bible and theory / Al Wolters
Vol. <2> has imprint: Ancaster, Ont. : Pascal Centre for Advanced Studies in Faith and Science ; Lanham : University Press of America