Front cover image for Linking social and ecological systems : management practices and social mechanisms for building resilience

Linking social and ecological systems : management practices and social mechanisms for building resilience

It is usually the case that scientists examine either ecological systems or social systems, yet the need for an interdisciplinary approach to the problems of environmental management and sustainable development is becoming increasingly obvious. Developed under the auspices of the Beijer Institute in Stockholm, this new book analyses social and ecological linkages in selected ecosystems using an international and interdisciplinary case study approach. The chapters provide detailed information on a variety of management practices for dealing with environmental change. Taken as a whole, the book will contribute to the greater understanding of essential social responses to changes in ecosystems, including the generation, accumulation and transmission of ecological knowledge, structure and dynamics of institutions, and the cultural values underlying these responses. A set of new (or rediscovered) principles for sustainable ecosystem management is also presented. Linking Social and Ecological Systems will be of value to natural and social scientists interested in sustainability
Print Book, English, 1998
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, U.K., 1998
xvi, 459 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
9780521591409, 9780521785624, 0521591406, 0521785626
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