Front cover image for Global River Discharge Database (RivDIS v1.0)

Global River Discharge Database (RivDIS v1.0)

Print Book, English, 1996
Unesco, Paris, 1996
7 volumes : illustrations, maps ; 30 cm
v. 0. Introduction, overview, and technical notes
v. 1. Africa
v. 2. Asia
v. 3. Europe
v. 4. North America
v. 5. South America
v. 6. Oceania
At head of title: International Hydrological Programme
" ... a contribution to IHP-V Theme 1: G̀lobal hydrologic and geochemical processes'"--Page 3
"The University of New Hampshire, Global Hydrological Archive and Analysis System, GHAAS, IGBP."
"SC-96/W3/26 ..."--Title page verso