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The sociology of punishment : socio-structural perspectives

Looking at the issue of punishment from a sociological perspective, this volume includes essays on its culture and history
Print Book, English, 1998
Ashgate/Dartmouth ; Ashgate, Aldershot, Hants, UK, Brookfield, VT, USA, 1998
xxx, 524 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.
9781855217997, 1855217996
Part 1 The classics: two laws of penal evolution, Emile Durkheim (1969); the psychology of punitive justice, George H. Mead (1964); labour market and penal sanction, Georg Rusche (1933); the decreasing prison population of England, Edwin H. Sutherland (1973); hypotheses in the sociology of punishment, Donald R. Cressey (1955); changes in penal values, Nils Christie (1968). Part 2 Measuring and comparing punishment: a comparison of prison use in England, Canada, West Germany and the United States - a limited test of the punitive hypothesis, James P. Lynch (1988); knowledge, domination and criminal punishment, Joachim J. Savelsberg (1994); cross-national imprisonment rates - limitations of method and possible conclusions, Ken Pease (1994); power concentration, legitimation crisis and penal severity - a comparative perspective?, Martin Killias (1986); the dynamics of a homeostatic punishment process, Alfred Blumstein et al (1977); the dynamics of oscillatory punishment processes, David F. Greenberg (1077); labour market and imprisonment, Ivan Jankovic (1977); a test of the stability of punishment hypothesis - the case of California, 1851-1970, Richard A. Berk et al (1981); economic crisis and the rising prisoner population in England and Wales, Steven Box and Chris Hale (1981); labour surplus and punishment - a review and assessment of theory and evidence, Theodore G. DeLone and Miriam A. Delone (1992). Part 3 Culture, history and changing vocabularies of punishment: gender, prisons and prison history, Nicole Rafter (1985); humantiarianism, labour exploitation or social control? a critical survey of theory and research on the origin and development of prisons, Robert P. Weiss (1987); frameworks of inquiry in the sociology of punishment, David Garland (1990); the new penology - notes on the emerging strategy of corrections and its implications, Jonathan Simon and Malcolm M. Feeley (1992); gazette of morality and social whip - punishment, hegemony and the case of the USA, 1970-92, Dario Melossi (1993); the new penology and politics in crisis - the Italian case, Massimo Pavarini (1994).