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Visual information systems

This book is a thoroughly arranged anthology outlining the state of the art in the emerging area of visual informationsystems. Next generation information systems have a high visual content, and there will be a shift in emphasis from a paradigm of predominantly alphanumeric data processing to one of visual information processing.
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x, 274 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9783540636366, 3540636366
Characteristics and architectural components of visual information systems / Clement H.C. Leung, W.W.S. So
Active visual information systems / Shi-Kuo Chang
Towards direct mapping between visual information worlds and real worlds / Tosiyasu L. Kunii, Jianhua Ma, Runhe Huang
Visual data processing in multimedia systems / Jesse S. Jin, Heather Greenfield, Ruth Kurniawati
Design of a distributed planetary image data archive based on an ATM network / Herwig Rehatschek
An object-oriented model for a visual information system of patient folders / Fernando Ferri, Patrizia Grifoni, Fabrizio L. Ricci
"Filmification" of methods and film databases / Nikolay Mirenkov and Tatiana Mirenkova
Chain code-based shape representation and similarity measure / Guojun Lu
Content-based retrieval using random verification of 1D cellular automata images / Zhi J. Zheng, Clement H.C. Leung
Extracting complex tissues of MRI brain images using conjugate transformation for medical visual information systems / Zhi J. Zheng [and others]
A uniform framework for feature-based indexing and retrieval in visual information systems / M.C. Lee and Donald A. Adjeroh
Navigational exploration and declarative queries in a prototype for visual information systems / Lutz Wegner [and others]
Incorporating typed links in a visual search tool for images on the Web / E.A. Rose
Automatic acquisition of object models by relational learning / Maziar Palhang, Arcot Sowmya
System design for structured hypermedia generation / Marcel Worring [and others]
Based on the First International Conference on Visual Information Systems, held in February 1996