Front cover image for The possessive investment in whiteness : how white people profit from identity politics

The possessive investment in whiteness : how white people profit from identity politics

"[A]rgues that public policy and private prejudice work together to create a possessive investment in whiteness that is responsible for the racialized hierarchies of our society. Whiteness has a cash value: it accounts for advantages that come to individuals through profits made from housing secured in discriminatory markets, through the unequal educational opportunities available to children of different races, through insider networks that channel employment opportunities to the friends and relatives of those who have profited most from past and present discrimination, and especially through intergenerational transfers of inherited wealth that pass on the spoils of discrimination to succeeding generations. White Americans are encouraged to invest in whiteness, to remain true to an identity that provides them with structured advantages"--From publisher's description
Print Book, English, 1998
Temple University Press, Philadelphia, 1998
xx, 274 pages ; 24 cm
9781566396349, 9781566396356, 1566396344, 1566396352
Bill Moore's body
The possessive investment in whiteness
Law and order : civil rights laws and white privilege
Immigrant labor and identity politics
Whiteness and war
How whiteness works : inheritance, wealth, and health
White desire : remembering Robert Johnson
Lean on me : beyond identity politics
"Swing low, sweet Cadillac" : antiblack racism and white identity
"Frantic to join ... the Japanese army" : beyond the black-white binary
California : the Mississippi of the 1990's
Change the focus and reverse the hypnosis : learning from New Orleans