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Nazi conspiracy and aggression

Print Book, English, 1946
United States Government Printing Office, Washington, 1946
11 volumes : illustrations ; 24 cm
v. 1. Agreement by the United States, France, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union for the prosecution and punishment of the major war criminals of the European Axis. Charter of the International Military Tribunal and protocol of 6 October 1945. International Military Tribunal, indictment no. 1 and statement of reservation filed by U.S. Chief of Counsel. Motions, rulings, and explanatory material relating to certain of the defendants. Opening address for the United States. Organization of the Nazi Party and state. Means used by the Nazi conspirators in gaining control of the German state. Economic aspects of the conspiracy. Launching of wars of aggression. The slave labor program, the illegal use of prisoners of war, and the special responsibility of Sauckel and Speer therefor. Concentration camps. The persecution of the Jews. Germanization and spoliation. The plunder of art treasures
v. 2. Criminality of groups and organizations. Individual responsibility of defendants
v. 3. Document number 001-PS through 1406-PS
v. 4. Document number 1409-PS through 2373-PS
v. 5. Document number 2374 through PS-3311-PS
v. 6. Document number 3313-P-3901-PS. Document number C-2- through C-195. Document number D-39 through D-281
v. 7. Document number D-283 through D-786. Document number EC-3 through EC-620. Document number ECH-1 through ECH-24. Document number ECR-14 through ECR-197. Document number L-3 through L-361. Document number M-1
v. 8. Document number M-2 through M-158. Document number R-36 through R-150. Document number TC-1 through TC-93. Document number UK-20 through UK-81. Affidavit A through J. Statement I through XV. Chart No. 1 through chart No. 13. Index of documents. Chart No. 14 through 19
Suppl. A. Rules of the International Military Tribunal. Closing address for United States of America by Robert H. Jackson, Chief of Counsel. Closing address for United Kingdom, Great Britain and Ireland, by Sir Hartley Shawcross. Closing argument for the provisional government of the French Republic by M. Champetier de Ribes and M. Dubost. Closing argument for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic by Lt. Gen. R.A. Rudenko
Closing statement for United States of America on the indicted organizations by Thomas J. Dodd. Closing arguments for United States of American on general staff and high command by Brig. Gen. Telford Taylor
Suppl. B. The defense case. Pre-trial interrogations
Collection of documentary evidence and guide materials prepared by the American and British prosecuting staffs for presentation before the International Military Tribunal at Nurnberg, Germany
Seals of Dept. of State, War Office and International Military Trials on t.p
Includes three unnumbered vols.: Supplement A (1947), Supplement B (1948) and: Opinion and judgment (1947)
Includes index