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The story of the Apocrypha

Print Book, English, [©1939]
The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, Ill., [©1939]
Criticism, interpretation, etc
ix, 150 pages ; 20 cm
I. The Apocrypha in the Bible
II. The book of Tobit
III. Ecclesiasticus: or the wisdom of Sirach
IV. The song of the three children
V. The first book of Esdras
VI. The book of Judith
VII. The prayer of Manasseh
VIII. The enlarged edition of the Book of Esther
IX. The story of Susanna
Bel and the dragon
XI. The first book of Maccabees
XII. The second book of Maccabees
XIII. The wisdom of Solomon
XIV. The book of Baruch
XV. The letter of Jeremiah
XVI. The second book of Esdras
XVII. The Apocrypha in the New Testament
XVIII. The Apocrypha in the Christian church