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The works of Thomas Chalmers

Print Book, English, [1836-42]
W. Collins, Glasgow, [1836-42]
Collected works
25 volumes 18 cm
V. 1-2. On natural theology
v. 3-4. On the miraculous and internal evidences of the Christian revelation
v. 5. Sketches of moral and mental philosophy
v. 6. Discourses on the application of Christianity to the commercial and ordinary affairs of life
v. 7. Discourses on the Christian revelation, viewed in connection with the modern astronomy
v. 8-10. Congregational sermons
v. 11. Sermons preached on public occasions
v. 12. Tracts and essays on religious & economical subjects
v. 13. Introductory essays to select Christian authors
v. 14-16. On the Christian and economic polity of a nation
v. 17. On church and college establishments
v. 18. On church extension
v. 19-20. On political economy
v. 21. The sufficiency of a parochial system
v. 22-25. Lectures on the Epistle of Paul the apostle to the Romans