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Pretty good for a girl

"Sports is the quintessentially American dream ticket out of an unhappy life. For Leslie Heywood, champion high school miler, running was just such an escape, her feet flying away from a childhood filled with violence and enforced silence. On the track she mattered, on the track she was certain of who she was. But the world of sports was still a world uncertain of whether it wanted to allow girls in, and Heywood ran headlong into the arms of her coach and then into a collegiate team whose standards for body-fat percentages and diets and training left every athlete struggling with eating disorders and serious injuries from overuse. She kept running, and winning, until she ran too far. She almost ran herself to death - until she had to learn to stop." "Today Heywood still loves the challenge of sports, and she has found a way to live with a more balanced relationship to her body and the world. But as she looks at the explosion in the number of girl athletes around her, she asks, "How can we make it safer for them than it was for me?"" "Pretty Good for a Girl explores why girls need and want to participate in the American dream of competition and individual achievement: it also reveals the obstacles they still face - such as traditional ideas about what girls should be, which disfigure their competitive spirit and limit their potential."--Jacket
Print Book, English, ©1998
Free Press, New York, ©1998
collective biographies
viii, 220 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
9780684850702, 0684850702
The practice field
My guys
That smell
Electric fence
Summer skin
Desert heat
Untouchable face
It's a girl
The catch
Hands off
Prickly pear
Athletes of the year
Pair of legs
Biggest ego
Bum steer
Never enough
Captain crunch
Blood to a ghost
The wake
Break on through
Apocalypse then
Raw wind
Epilogue: one of the girls