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Science and technology for disposal of radioactive tank wastes

Proceedings of an American Chemical Society Symposium held in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 7-11, 1997
Print Book, English, 1998
Plenum Press, New York, 1998
Conference papers and proceedings
xii, 525 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
9780306459047, 0306459043
Disposal Strategies and Technology Needs: Overview of U.S. Radioactive Tank Problem; T.L. Stewart, et al. Science Needs for Tank Waste Remediation; J.P. LaFemina. Tanks Focus Area: Technology Program to Meet DOE's Tank Waste Clean-Up Needs; T.M. Brouns, et al. Characterization and Retrieval: Comparisons of Historical Process Estimates with Tank Waste Assays; S.F. Agnew. A Risk and Outcome Based Strategy for Justifying Characterization to Resolve Tank Waste Safety Issues; S.D. Colson, et al. Tank Waste Pretreatment Processes: Solids Control in Sludge Pretreatment; E.C. Beahm et al. Enhanced Sludge Washing for Pretreating Hanford Tank Sludges; G.J. Lumetta, et al. Tank Waste Immobilization Processes and Experience: Startup of Savannah River's Defense Waste Processing Facility to Produce Radioactive Glass; W.M. Bennett, H.H. Elder. Grout and Vitrification Formula Development for Immobilization of Hazardous Radioactive Tank Sludges at ORNL; T.M. Gilliam, R.D. Spence. Process Control and Monitoring Technology: Detecting 137Cs Breakthrough in an Ion Exchange Process; R.L. Brodzinski, et al. Comparative Testing of Slurry Monitors; T.D. Hylton, et al. 29 Additional Articles. Index.
Papers presented at the American Chemical Society Symposium on Science and Technology for Disposal of Radioactive Tank Wastes, held Sept. 7-11, 1997, in Las Vegas, Nev