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The works of Shakespeare

Print Book, English, [1904]-
Methuen, London, [1904]-
English drama
[v. 1.] All's well that ends well, ed. by W.O. Brigstocke
[v. 2] Antony and Cleopatra, ed. by R.H. Case
[v. 4] The comedy of errors, ed. by H. Cuningham
[v. 6] Cymbeline, ed by E. Dowden
[v. 7] Hamlet, ed. by E. Dowden
[v. 8] Julius Cæsar, ed. by M. Macmillan
[v. 9] Henry IV, pt. 1
[v. 11] Henry V, ed by H.A. Evans
[v. 12-14] Henry VI, pt. 1-3, ed. by H.C. Hart
[v. 16] King John, ed. by I.B. John
[v. 17] King Lear, ed. by W.J. Craig
[v. 19] Richard III, ed. by A.H. Thompson
[v. 20] Love's labour's lost, ed. by H.C. Hart
[v. 21] Macbeth, ed. by H. Cuningham
[v. 22] Measure for measure, ed. by H.C. Hart
[v. 23] The merchant of Venice, ed. by C.K. Pooler
[v. 24] The merry wives of Windsor, ed. by H.C. Hart, 1904
[v. 25] A midsummer-night's dream, ed. by H. Cuningham
[v. 27]
[v. 27] Othello, ed. by H.C. Hart
[v. 28] Pericles, ed. by K. Deighton
[v. 29] Romeo and Juliet, ed. by E. Dowden
[v. 30] The taming of the shrew, ed. by R.W. Bond
[v. 32] Timon of Athens, ed. by K. Deighton
[v. 33] Titus Andronicus, ed. by H.B. Baildon, 1904
[v. 34] Troilus and Cressida, ed. by K. Deighton
[v. 35] Twelfth night; or, What you will, ed. by M. Luce
[v. 36] The two gentlemen of Verona, ed. by R.W. Bond
[v. 38] Shakespeare's poems, ed. by C.K. Pooler