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The social dynamics of technology : practice, politics, and world views

Print Book, English, ©1999
Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, ©1999
xvi, 240 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
9781560989097, 1560989092
Introduction: a context for the present and future of technology studies / Marcia-Anne Dobres and Christopher R. Hoffman
"After all, a hoe bought a wife": the social dimensions of ironworking among the Toro of East Africa / S. Terry Childs
Crafts and the evolution of complex societies: new methodologies for modeling the organization of production, a Harappan example / Valentine Roux and Pierre Matarasso
Toward the architecture of household service in New England, 1650-1850 / Roy Larick
Intentional damage as technological agency: breaking metals in late prehistoric Mallorca, Spain / Christopher R. Hoffman
Technology's links and chaînes: the processual unfolding of technique and technician / Marcia-Anne Dobres
Worlds in the making: technological activities and the construction of intersubjective meaning / Bryan Pfaffenberger
Dogs, snares, and cartridge belts: the poetics of a Northern Athapaskan narrative technology / Robin Ridington
Exploitation of tradition: bone tool production and use at Colony Ross, California / Thomas A. Wake
Conclusion: making material culture, making culture material / Christopher R. Hoffman and Marcia-Anne Dobres
Afterward / Heather Lechtman