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Algorithms for VLSI design automation

Focusing on the algorithms which are the building blocks of the design automation software which generates the layout of VLSI circuits. This text covers all stages of design from layout synthesis through logic synthesis to high-level synthesis.
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Wiley, Chichester, ©1999
xiii, 326 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
9780471984894, 0471984892
PRELIMINARIES. Introduction to Design Methodologies. A Quick Tour of VLSI Design Automation Tools. Algorithmic Graph Theory and Computational Complexity. Tractable and Intractable Problems. General-purpose Methods for Combinatorial Optimization. SELECTED DESIGN PROBLEMS AND ALGORITHMS. Layout Compaction. Placement and Partitioning. Floorplanning. Routing. Simulation. Logic Synthesis and Verification. High-level Synthesis. Appendices. References. Index.