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The Christian examiner

Journal, Magazine, English, 1824-69
O. Everett; C.S. Francis, Boston, New York, 1824-69
87 volumes 23 cm
The Christian disciple was established in 1813, under the auspices of Rev. W.E. Channing. Rev. Noah Worcester edited the work until 1818 and then surrendered it to Rev. Henry Ware, jr. Mr. Ware was editor for 5 years, when the work passed into the hands of John Gorham Palfrey, who changed the title to the Christian examiner
In 1826 Mr. Palfrey transferred the Examiner to Francis Jenks, who was editor for nearly 6 years. In 1831 the work came under the charge of Rev. James Walker and Rev. F.W.P. Greenwood. Dr. Walker was succeeded in 1839 by Rev. William Ware, and the latter, after a few years, by A. Lamson and E.S. Gannett. From them the magazine passed into the hands of George Putnam and G.E. Ellis. In July 1857 Dr. Hedge and Rev. E.E. Hale assumed charge, and they were followed in time by Dr. Bellows, and the Rev. Messrs. Fox, Alger and Allen