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Assembly language for Intel-based computers

Designed for undergraduate courses in assembly language programming. Concentrating on the MS-DOS operating system and using short applications, this study of assembly language for the IBM-PC helps students learn the basics of operating systems and architecture in the context of a microprocessor.
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(NOTE: Each chapter concludes with Review Questions and Programming Exercises.) 1. Introduction.  2. Hardware and Software Architecture.  3. Assembly Language Fundamentals.  4. Using the Assembler.  5. Procedures and Interrupts.  6. Conditional Processing.  7. Integer Arithmetic.  8. Structures and Macros.  9. Numeric Conversions and Libraries. 10. Strings and Arrays. 11. Disk Storage. 12. File Processing. 13. High-Level Language Interface. 14. Advanced Topics I. 15. Advanced Topics II. Appendix A: Binary and Hexadecimal Tutorial. Appendix B: Using Debug. Appendix C: Microsoft CodeView. Appendix D: Borland Turbo Debugger. Appendix E: Guide to the Sample Programs. Appendix F: The Intel Instruction Set. Appendix G: BIOS and DOS Interrupts.
Revised edition of: Assembly language for the IBM-PC. 2nd ed. c1993
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