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The psychobiology of the hand

A wide-ranging and interdisciplinary overview of the hand, from its evolution to assessment of disability.
Print Book, English, 1998
Mac Keith Press : Distributed by Cambridge University Press, London, 1998
x, 276 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
9781898683148, 189868314X
The structure of the hand / Robert E. Page
The hand as a perceptual system / Susan J. Lederman and Roberta L. Klatzky
The control of human prehension / Patrick Haggard
Manual dexterity / Lynette Jones
The stability of handedness / Marian Annett
How non-human primates use their hands / Dorothy Fragaszy
The neurophysiology of manual skill development / Hans Forssberg
Changes in grasping skills and the emergence of bimanual coordination during the first year of life / Jacqueline Fagard
Exploring and exploiting objects with the hands during infancy / Emily W. Bushnell and J. Paul Boudreau
Body scale and the development of hand form and function in prehension / Karl M. Newell and Paola Cesari
The development of manual dexterity in young children / Edison de J. Manoel and Kevin J. Connolly
Development disorders and the use of grip force to compensate for inertial forces during voluntary movement / Elisabeth L. Hill and Alan M. Wing
Assessing manual control in children with coordination difficulties / John P. Wann, Mark Mon-Williams and Richard G. Carson
Manual skills in children with learning difficulties / David Sugden
Neurological disorders and abnormal hand function / Mary O'Regan and J. Keith Brown