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From interwar pluralism to postwar neoclassicism

Offers a collection of twelve essays looking at the mechanisms that brought about the shift from pluralism to neoclassicism in American economics. This book discusses such topics as the Social Gospel Movement, general education and graduate study in Chicago economics, the Sherman Antitrust Act, and changes in American monetary thought.
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Conference papers and proceedings
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9780822323358, 0822323354
American economics : the character of the transformation / Mary S. Morgan and Malcolm Rutherford
Clearing the ground : the demise of the social gospel movement and the rise of neoclassicism in American economics / Bradley W. Bateman
The patrons of economics in a time of transformation / Craufurd D. Goodwin
The transformation of U.S. economics, 1920-1960, viewed through a survey of journal articles / Roger E. Backhouse
Institutional economics : a case of reproductive failure? / Jeff Biddle
Entrenching disciplinary competence : the role of general education and graduate study in Chicago economics / Ross B. Emmett
Hope for America : American notions of economic planning between pluralism and neoclassicism, 1930-1950 / Marcia L. Balisciano
How American economists came to love the Sherman Antitrust Act / Anne Mayhew
Wandering the road from pluralism to Posner : the transformation of law and economics in the twentieth century / Steven G. Medema
From rigor to axiomatics : the marginalization of Griffith C. Evans / E. Roy Weintraub
A paradox of budgets : the postwar stabilization of American neoclassical demand theory / Philip Mirowski and D. Wade Hands
The money muddle : the transformation of American monetary thought, 1920-1970 / Perry Mehrling