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Mass politics : the politics of popular culture

"This collection of essays explores the interplay between popular culture and politics, using popular culture as a lens through which to view political life in the United States. Ranging from discussions including Murphy Brown, rap music, and censorship, the essays encourage critical thinking about the ways in which popular culture shapes, reflects, and responds to the political climate." "The core supposition is that the way we spend our free time can mold our expectations, world view, and attitudes toward others. Powerful ideas and themes can be found in sports, music, literature, and virtually every form of leisure activity. They build upon and reconfigure prior information and shape each person's identity and our political culture."--Jacket
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St. Martin's : Worth, New York, ©1999
xii, 161 pages ; 24 cm
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Introduction : Popular culture
the Trojan horse of American politics? / Daniel M. Shea
Murphy Brown and postfeminist politics / Bonnie J. Dow
The stronger women get, the more men love football / Mariah Burton Nelson
Girls 'n' spice : all things nice? / Susan J. Douglas
Race and college sports : a long way to go / Richard E. Lapchick
Logo or libel? Chief Wahoo, multiculturalism, and the politics of sports mascots / Neil A. Engelhart
Number one with a bullet : songs of violence are part of America's folk tradition / David Hershey-Webb
Aunt Jemima, the Frito Bandito, and Crazy Horse : selling stereotypes American style / Marilyn Kern-Foxworth
Affluent class and corporate brass in the make-believe media / Michael Parenti
There he is, Miss America : Howard Stern's deconstruction of media images / Nick Gillespie
Popular populism : political messages in country music lyrics / Jimmie N. Rogers and Stephen A. Smith
The collapse of popular culture and the case for censorship / Robert H. Bork
A filmmaker's credo : some thoughts on politics, history, and the movies / Oliver Stone
TV vice? Sex and violence aren't the problem / Michael Medved
The shelter of each other : one big town / Mary Pipher