Front cover image for The survivor's guide to sex : how to have an empowered sex life after child sexual abuse

The survivor's guide to sex : how to have an empowered sex life after child sexual abuse

For all women--heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian, partnered and single--who want to delight in their own sexuality. Based on the author's extensive training and experience in working with abuse survivors, this book offers a complete guide to sexual recovery: Pleasure and desire--how to discover and fully own your desires on your own terms. Nonjudgmental support for all sexual styles and interests. Dissociation--discover how you "checked out" to survive and how you can "check in" now for healing and your own sexual expression. Embodied sex--no more grocery lists and wrestling matches with relics of the past! Learn how to be in your body during sex, present for yourself and your partners. Consent and boundaries--the "yes," "no," and "maybe" of sex. How to say "yes" to your desires and develop boundaries to take care of yourself. Triggers--a sex life built around triggers becomes no sex life at all. Practical tools for healing through triggers while enjoying all the delights and complexities of a fully-embodied sex life. Sex Information--chock full of sex-positive information on all aspects of sexual response, masturbation, and partner sex, tailored to the needs of survivors. Emotional healing and intimacy--Don't settle for less than you want! Grant yourself permission to cultivate pleasure, sexual delight, and love. Includes exercises, bibliography, and resources.--Adapted from back cover
Print Book, English, ©1999
Cleis Press, San Francisco, ©1999
xx, 294 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9781573440790, 1573440795
Safety, somatics, and sexual healing
Desire and pleasure
Sexual response and anatomy : information is power
Masturbation and self-healing
Consent and boundaries : the "yes," "no" and "maybe" of sex
Partner sex
Oral sex
Embracing triggers
The emotions of healing : you gotta feel your way out of this
S/M, role-playing, and fantasy
Sex toys and accoutrements
Spiritual sexuality
Intimacy and self-forgiveness
Partnering with survivors of sexual abuse
Your powerful sexual self : who are you becoming?