Front cover image for The Depression and New Deal : a history in documents

The Depression and New Deal : a history in documents

Robert S. McElvaine (Author)
A collection of documents that provide insight into the realities of American life during the Great Depression, including song lyrics, magazine articles, murals and posters, excerpts from literary works, political cartoons, news stories, photographs, interviews, and letters
Print Book, English, 2000
Oxford University Press, New York, 2000
192 pages : illustrations, maps, facsimiles ; 26 cm.
9780195104936, 9780195166361, 0195104935, 0195166361
What is a document
How to read a document
New Era and its undertaker: Twenties, the crash, and Herbert Hoover
Keep the consumer dissatisfied
Herbert Hoover's optimism
"When a horse balks "
Stormy weather: Depression life
City breadlines
Rural hardship
"War against the emergency:" New Deal: Roosevelt's first inaugural address
First fireside chat
"Social economics of the New Deal"
Open letter to President Roosevelt
Social Security Act
"And I welcome their hatred:" Business and the New Deal : American Liberty League
Defending the New Deal
Schechter Poultry Corp V U.S
Franklin D. Roosevelt campaigns against big business
Which side are you on?: Labor organizing in the thirties: National Labor Relations Act
Call for industrial unionism
Finding common ground
"Dis what de union done"
Production for use, not profit: Left: Whither the American writer?
"I have seen black hands"
"End of poverty in civilization"
"Ballad of Roosevelt"
Quick fix: Panaceas: "Cure for depressions"
Lecture on social justice
Share our wealth
" Woman can change better'n a man:" Women, men and children in the depression: Birth rates
"Boy and girl tramps of America"
"Will women lose their jobs?
Negro was born In depression: Race and ethnicity in the thirties: New pattern of life for the Indian
Getting by
Mexican-American dream
Mary Tsukamoto's story
Down on the farm: Rural depression: Rebellion in the Corn Belt
"Dust bowl diary"
Woody Guthrie on the dust bowl
Art for the millions: Culture in the thirties: Superman: New Deal hero
Joe Louis uncovers dynamite
Federal patronage of the arts
Mother and father of the nation?: Attitudes toward the Roosevelts: Pre-election niew
Letter from Wisconsin
Memorandum on "court packing"
"My day"
Praise for Eleanor Roosevelt
"Social values more noble than mere monetary profit": Great Depression and American Values: "Forgotten man" radio address
Memories of a southern white girl
changed social life of a migrant camp
"Middletown in transition"
"Spirit of charity"
"Over the rainbow"
First printed as an Oxford paperback in 2003