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A possible India : essays in political criticism

In this volume, one of India's foremost political scientists offers a richly detailed and critical analysis of Indian politics in the fifty years since independence. Using a variety of genres--essays, book reviews, commentaries and journal entries--Partha Chatterjee scans the entire period from the Nehru era through the through the regimes of Indira and Rajiv Gandhi to the present. He attempts to develop a true perspective on democracy in India, not in the cliche-ridden sense of government of, by, and for the people, but as politics of the governed
Print Book, English, 1998
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Oxford University Press, Delhi, 1998
xii, 301 pages ; 23 cm.
9780195647662, 0195647661
CHAPTER I. The Indian Big Bourgeoisie : Comprador or National?
- CHAPTER II. The Nehru Era
- CHAPTER III. Indian Democracy and Bourgeois Reaction
- CHAPTER IV. Nineteen Seventy-Seven
- CHAPTER V. Char an Singh's Politics
- CHAPTER VI. Some New Elements in India's Parliamentary Democracy
- CHAPTER VII. Indira Gandhi : The Final Year
- CHAPTER VIII. The Writing on the Wall
- CHAPTER IX. Rajiv's Regime : The Rise
- CHAPTER X. The Politics of Appropriation
- CHAPTER XI. Rajiv's Regime : The Fall
- CHAPTER XII. The National Front and After
- CHAPTER XIII. The Centre Crumbles
- CHAPTER XIV. Secularism and Toleration
- CHAPTER XV. Talking about our Modernity in Two Languages
Originally published : Oxford University Press, 1997
Includes English translation of articles in Bengali