Front cover image for Scribner's popular history of the United States : from the earliest discoveries of the western hemisphere by the Northmen to the present time

Scribner's popular history of the United States : from the earliest discoveries of the western hemisphere by the Northmen to the present time

Print Book, English, 1896
C. Scribner's Sons, New York [N.Y.], 1896
5 volumes : illustrations, plates, portraits, maps, plams, facsimiles ; 26 cm
V. 1. The pre-historic man
The mound builders
The Northmen in America
Pre-Columbian voyages westward
India : the El Dorado of Columbus
Columbus, Vespucci, and the Cabots
Spanish discoveries and explorations
French discoveries and attempts at colonization
French and Spanish colonists in Florida
English voyages and attempts at settlement
First English settlement in America
Colonization under the Northern Company
Dutch expeditions to North America : settlement of New Amsterdam
The Puritans
The Pilgrims at Plymouth
Progress of Dutch colonization
War with the Indians : the Swedes on the Delaware
Virginia and Maryland
Maryland under Leonard Calvert
Massachusetts Bay
New England colonies. V. 2. The Pequot War
Southern New England
The Boston Puritans
The Shawomet people and their Indian friends
Rhode Island and Providence plantations
New Netherland under Peter Stuyvesant
The Dutch and their neighbors
Quakerism in New England
Virginia and Maryland under the commonwealth
The latter years of New Netherland
The surrender of New Netherland
The Carolinas
Virginia under Berkeley
New York
North and South Carolina
The political policy of the Puritans
Philip's War
New Hampshire
The witchcraft delusion
Colonization by friends
The French in the Mississippi Valley
The Mississippi scheme
Spanish colonization
Spanish explorations and colonization. V. 3. New York under the English
Royal governors under William and Mary
Virginia and Maryland
The Carolinas
The royal governors in New England
New England and the French
New York
Opening of the French War
Continuation of the French War
Conquest of Canada, Pontiac's War
Alienation from England
End of colonial rule
Beginning of the war
The siege of Boston
The northern campaign of 1775
Opening of the campaign of 1776
Declaration of Independence
Loss of Long Island and New York
The New Jersey campaign
The campaign in Pennsylvania
Burgoyne's campaign
Alliance with France, proposals for peace rejected. V. 4. Sullivan's expedition, fall of Charleston, Arnold's treason
The southern campaign
End of military operations
First years of peace
Under the Constitution
Administrations of Adams and Jefferson
Jefferson and Madison
War with England
Monroe's administration
Adams and Jackson
Slavery and anti-slavery
Progress of southern rule
The compromises of 1850
The Kansas struggle, Buchanan
Opening of the war
The fight for the Mississippi Valley
Expansion of the federal navy
The peninsular campaign
Northern Virginia and Maryland. Operations in the West, 1862
Non-military events of 1862
The third year of the war
Active military operations in the southwest
The siege of Charleston
The Red River expedition
Sundry civil events of 1863
Grant in Virginia
Sherman in Georgia
Sheridan in the Shenandoah
Farragut in Mobile Bay
The national political canvass of 1864
Sherman's march through Georgia
Reconstructing state governments
Last struggles of the Confederate navy
The end of American slavery
Closing events of a long war
The last days of Lincoln
From war to peace
The literature of the Civil War
Andrew Johnson's stormy administration
General Ulysses S. Grant, president
President Grant's second term
A breathing-spell in American politics
United States finances from 1861 to 1879
The Garfield-Arthur administration
A national political revolution
A second Harrison administration
Political events of 1890
The century drawing to a close
The American quadri-centennial
American art and literature