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Occupational and Educational Patterns for New Hampshire's Franco-Americans

Despite the fact that Franco-Americans make up at least 25% of the New Hampshire population, very little is known about their occupational and educational status. Research has shown that although assimilation has taken place, a distinct Franco-American subculture exists. This study examines the status of New Hampshire Franco-Americans and their relationships with the majority population. The reporting of French as a mother tongue (FMT) on the 1970 census or possession of a French surname are used as criteria in identifying the Franco-American population in New Hampshire. The age cohort analysis of educational attainment patterns indicates that while the FMT population has followed the overall societal tendency toward higher levels of education, there has been no change in their low status relative to the English mother tongue (EMT) population. Analysis of employment patterns indicates that the occupational status of the FMT population is substantially different from that of the EMT population--FMT individuals are significantly underrepresented in the managerial and administrative ranks and among professional and technical workers. It is concluded that a system of ethnic stratification exists in New Hampshire and that, for the State's Franco-American population, ethnicity is a significant factor in determining socioeconomic status. (RLV)
Book, 1979