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Right vs. wrong-- : raising a child with a conscience

"In Right vs. Wrong - Raising a Child with a Conscience, three child-rearing experts offer useful advice for nurturing the conscience in children and adolescents. Written for parents, guardians, and all who work with young people, this book charts the growth of the sense of right and wrong in children from early youth through the teenage years. The authors describe the important events in moral development and identify five transformations during these years, marked by five stages of moral growth. Each state is illustrated with examples culled from years of interviews with children and adolescents
Print Book, English, ©2000
Indiana University Press, Bloomington, ©2000
xiii, 235 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9780253337092, 9780253213686, 0253337097, 0253213681
The moral theme in development
Developing the moral connection
Developing moral-emotional responsiveness
Developing the authority of conscience
Developing the golden rule of conscience
Developing moral willpower
Developing the meaning of conscience
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