Front cover image for Japonisme : the Japanese influence on Western art since 1858

Japonisme : the Japanese influence on Western art since 1858

Considers the influence of Japanese culture on Western art since 1858 through an examination of side-by-side displays of Japanese and Western art, grouped by subject matter
Print Book, English, 1999
Thames & Hudson, New York, N.Y., 1999
432 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 30 cm
9780500281635, 0500281637
Japan and Western art
Historical survey
The study of Japonisme
A case-study : the kimono
Representative artists
Van Gogh
Gauguin and the white-line technique
Line and dot in Van Gogh's drawings
Gesture and grimace in Lautrec
Vallotton's woodcuts and the Orient
Birds, beasts and flowers
Living creatures in art
The art nouveau iris
Gourds and autumn leaves
Butterfly and peony
The tiger
The cat
Birds of prey
Cranes and herons
Cock and hen
The raven
The wild carp
Objects from Eastern life
The wave
The bridge
Rocks in the sea
The folding screen
The fan
Pillar pictures and vertical formats
The sword guard
Decorative combs and hairpins
The dyer's stencil
Artistic devices
Ornamental patterns
Diagonal composition
Composite formats
Trellis and grille
Truncated objects and oblique angles
Posts as a spatial dividers
The silhouette
Symbols, themes and abstractions
The spirit world
Stylization and abstraction
Signs and emblems
Ceramics and glass
Semi-precious stones and glassware
Vessels on stands
The bottle-gourd form
The black-and-white effect
The dragon motif
Chinese ceramic forms
Celadon and white porcelain
Japanese tea ware and modern pottery
House and garden
The influence of the Japanese house
Interiors and modules
From Zen to Tachism
Translation of: Japonismus