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Pre-code Hollywood : sex, immorality, and insurrection in American cinema, 1930-1934

This book explores the four-year interval between 1930 and 1934, a time when censorship was lax and Hollywood made the most of it. Doherty chronicles how the freewheeling films of an unrestricted Hollywood inform the culture of America in the 1930s.
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1. On the Cusp of Classical Hollywood Cinema Patrolling the Diegesis Pre-Code Contexts 2. Breadlines and Box Office Lines: Hollywood in the Nadir of the Great Depression The Lost Millions A Synchronized Industry "Mike Fright" 3. Preachment Yarns: The Politics of Mere Entertainment Telegraphing Ideology Class Distinctions Professional Malfeasance 4. Dictators and Democrats: The Rage for Order Hankering for Supermen "The Barrymore of the Capital": The Newsreel Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt A New Deal in the Last Reel The Mad Dog of Europe 5. Vice Rewarded: The Wages of Cinematic Sin Packaging Vice Models of Immorality Figurative Literalness Queer Flashes "Women Love Dirt" Working Girls 6. Criminal Codes: Gangsters Unbound, Felons in Custody Rushing Toward Death: The Gangster Film Men Behind Bars: The Prison Film 7. Comic Timing: Cracking Wise and Wising Up Commentators on the Action Story, Screenplay, and All Dialogue by Mae West Newspaper Patter The Blue Eagle and Duck Soup (1933) 8. News on Screen: The Vividness of Mechanical Immortality Library Stock The Newsreel Ethos Covering Up the Great Depression 9. Remote Kinships: The Geography of the Expeditionary Film Points on the Compass Faking It: Phoney Expeditions and Real Deaths The Dark Continent 10. Primitive Mating Rituals: The Color Wheel of the Racial Adventure Film "He's White": Tarzan, the Ape Man (1932) and Tarzan and His Mate (1934) Red Skin, Red Lips: Massacre (1934) East Mates West "The Ethiopian Trade" Nerve and Brains: Paul Robeson and The Emperor Jones (1933) Beauty and the Beast: King Kong (1933) 11. Nightmare Pictures: The Quality of Gruesomeness Rugged Individualism: Dracula (1931), Frankenstein (1931), and Their Progeny The Lower Orders Rise Up: Island of Lost Souls (1933) and Freaks (1932) 12. Classical Hollywood Cinema: The World According to Joseph I. Breen "The Storm of '34" Hollywood Under the Code Post-Code Hollywood Cinema
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