Front cover image for Kuyper reconsidered : aspects of his life and work

Kuyper reconsidered : aspects of his life and work

Print Book, English, 1999
VU Uitgeverij, Amsterdam, 1999
320 pages ; 24 cm
9789053836408, 9053836403
A theology of the arts : Kuyper's ideas on art and religion / Peter S. Heslam
Abraham Kuyper as poet : another look at Kuyper's critique of the Enlightenment / J. Bolt
Abraham Kuyper as a romantic / J. de Bruijn
Abraham Kuyper : Puritan, Victorian, modern / James D. Bratt
Groen and Kuyper on the racial issue / D. Th. Kuiper
Kuyper's dogmatic theology / A. van Egmond
A theology of culture : a critical appraisal of Kuyper's doctrine of common grace / C. van der Kooi
Kuyper's Archimedes' point / Willem van der Schee
Kuyper's concept of the pluriformity of the church / Martien E. Brinkman
The internal tension in Kuyper's doctrine of organic inspiration of Scripture / Dirk van Keulen
Horse cheese has never been made : on the anthropology of Kuyper / Kobus Smit
Abraham Kuyper on faith and science / René van Woudenberg
Was Kuyper a reformed epistemologist? / Gijsbert van den Brink
Comparative study of the Kuyperian palingenesis : the transcendent and human ego in Japanese thought / Hisakazu Inagaki
Relevance of sphere sovereignty to Korean society / Bong Ho Son
Abraham Kuyper's model of a democratic polity for societies with a religiously diverse citizenry / Nicholas Wolterstorff
Kuyper's formal and comprehensive conceptions of democracy / Henk E.S. Woldring
Abraham Kuyper and pro-apartheid theologians in South Africa : the former misused by the latter? / P.J. Strauss
Christian religion and society : the heritage of Abraham Kuyper for (South) Africa / B.J. van der Walt
Kuyper's educational legacy : schooling for a pluralist society / Johan Sturm and Siebren Miedema
Against the uniformness of modern life! : the influence of Kuypers thought about a pluralist society on the Frisian language movement / Gjalt R. Zondergeld
The role of Abraham Kuyper in South Africa : a critical historical evaluation / J.C. Adonis
A triumphal procession? : the reception of Kuyper in the USA (1900-1940) / George Harinck
The post-war ARP and Kuyper's legacy / Hans-Martien ten Napel
Abraham Kuyper and the 'Jewish question' / G.J. van Klinken
More Pierson and Mesmer, and less Pietje Baltus : Kuyper's ideas on church, state, society and culture during the first years of his ministry (1863-1866) / J. Vree