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Agricultural economics and agribusiness

This book examines the structure and organization of the agricultural industry, then discusses basic micro and macroeconomics principles as they apply to agriculture. Principles of economics are used to demonstrate to the reader that theory actually makes reality more understandable. The book is at the right level and is kept consistently up-to-date ; the only text that has been consistently revised!
Print Book, English, ©2001
John Wiley, New York, ©2001
xx, 519 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9780471388470, 0471388475
The farm and food system
Consumer behavior and demand
Producer decision making: single-variable input functions
Producer decision making: two-variable inputs and enterprise selection
Production costs, supply, and price determination
Competition and the market
Imperfect competition and market regulation
Financial picture of agriculture
Agricultural price and income policies
Marketing agricultural commodities
Natural resources
Rural development
International economics
Agriculture's role in economic development
Global food demand and supply
A list of reference books for the beginning student
Basic sources of agricultural statistics
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