Front cover image for Portraits of literacy across families, communities, and schools : intersections and tensions

Portraits of literacy across families, communities, and schools : intersections and tensions

Jim Anderson (Editor)
This unique global perspective on multiple literacies crosses traditional boundaries between the study of family, community, and school literacies. It calls attention to the ideological nature of literacy education across a broad range of literacy contex
Print Book, English, 2005
L. Erlbaum Associates, Mahwah (N.J.), 2005
XV, 398 str. : ilustr. ; 23 cm
9780805848595, 9780805848601, 0805848592, 0805848606
Contents: V. Purcell-Gates, Foreword. Preface. M. Kendrick, T. Rogers, S. Smythe, J. Anderson, Portraits of Literacy Across Families, Communities, and Schools: An Introduction. Part I: Family Literacies.E. Gregory, Guiding Lights: Siblings as Literacy Teachers in a Multilingual Community. T.H. Cairney, Literacy Diversity: Understanding and Responding to the Textual Tapestries of Home, School, and Community. J. Anderson, S. Smythe, J. Shapiro, Working and Learning With Families, Communities, and Schools: A Critical Case Study. S. Cody, Snapshot 1: A Single Mother's Journey of Rediscovery. L.M. Phillips, H.L. Sample, Family Literacy: Listen to What the Families Have to Say. R. Hayden, M. Sanders, Snapshot 2: Voices From the Field: Practitioner Perspectives on Issues in Family Literacy. Part II: Early and Youth Literacies.M. Prinsloo, P. Stein, "Down, Up, and Round": Setting Children Up as Readers and Writers in South African Classrooms. M.H. Maguire, A.J. Beer, H. Attarian, D. Baygin, X.L. Curdt-Christiansen, R. Yoshida, The Chameleon Character of Multilingual Literacy Portraits: Re-Searching in "Heritage" Language Places and Spaces. D. Masny, Multiple Literacies: An Alternative OR Beyond Freire. M. Kendrick, R. McKay, L. Moffatt, The Portrayal of Self in Children's Drawings of Home, School, and Community Literacies. T. Rogers, A. Schofield, Things Thicker Than Words: Portraits of Youth Multiple Literacies in an Alternative Secondary Program. S. Moloney, Snapshot 3: A Small Piece of the Truth. B. Norton, A Portrait of Literacy From the Youth Millennium Project. Part III: Community and Adult Literacies.J. Hare, To "Know Papers": Aboriginal Perspectives on Literacy. Ningwakwe/Rainbow Woman, The Rainbow/Holistic Approach to Aboriginal Literacy. J. Horsman, Creating Change in Literacy Programs: Taking Account of Violence. D. Bloome, The People Write Back: Community Literacy Practices and the Visibility of the Ordinary Writer. B.A. Quigley, "First We Must Dream. Nothing Is Harder": Toward a Discourse on Literacy Across the Lifespan. Part IV: Literacy Policy Issues.P. Duff, Thinking Globally About English and New Literacies: Multilingual Socialization at Work. E. Auerbach, Connecting the Local and the Global: A Pedagogy of Not-Literacy.