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Christianity and American democracy

Christianity, not religion in general, has been important for American democracy. With this bold thesis, Heclo offers a panoramic view of how Christianity and democracy have shaped each other over the years, and how their relationship is changing in the present day. Responding to his challenging argument, Mary Jo Bane, Michael Kazin, and Alan Wolfe criticize, qualify, and amend it. The result is a lively debate about a momentous tension in American public life
eBook, English, 2007
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2007
1 online resource (ix, 299 pages)
9780674027053, 9780674032309, 0674027051, 0674032306
Foreword Theda R. Skocpol 1. Christianity and Democracy in America Hugh Heclo 2. Democracy and Catholic Christianity in America Mary Jo Bane 3. Pluralism Is Hard Work--and the Work Is Never Done Michael Kazin 4. Whose Christianity? Whose Democracy? Alan Wolfe 5. Reconsidering Christianity and American Democracy Hugh Heclo Notes Acknowledgments About the Authors Index