Front cover image for Ethcaste : PanAfrican communalism and the Black middleclass

Ethcaste : PanAfrican communalism and the Black middleclass

Print Book, English, 2001
University Press of America, Lanham, Md., 2001
xviii, 231 pages ; 22 cm
9780761819158, 0761819150
Chapter 1 Dedication Chapter 2 Acknowledgements Chapter 3 Introduction Chapter 4 The Problem Chapter 5 Analysis of Controversial Issues Surrounding the Black Ethcaste Elite Chapter 6 Critical Review of Selected Sociological Class Theories Chapter 7 Critical Review of Theories Chapter 8 American Sociological Class Theory and Democratic Capitalist Culture Chapter 9 Class, Caste and Race Chapter 10 Internal Colonialism and Black Culture- The PanAfrican Continuum Chapter 11 Ethcaste and Sociocultural Diversity Among the Black Middleclass Chapter 12 Ethcaste and the Political Economy of the African American Middleclass Chapter 13 Conclusion Chapter 14 Chapter Notes Chapter 15 Index