Front cover image for Doubt not the dream

Doubt not the dream

Print Book, English, [1968]
Naylor Co, San Antonio, [1968]
xi, 76 pages 22 cm
Beyond the wheeling galaxies
If I should question
Earth laughter and sky song
God is not dead
Give our conscience light
Tonight we lift our eyes
Above the lower atmosphere
Transforming rays (Mutation)
How can I believe?
Call of peace
Progeny of dust and flame
Beyond the God of men
San José in the moonlight
They died for freedom (The Alamo)
Caravans pass on
Old age
Harbor of ships (To age)
Blue reach of space
Song of the hearth
Pageantries of stone
Angelus of petals
Canticles of gratitude
Chimes of Grand Canyon
Fossil firefly
To the cardinal
To a gannet
Horned toad
To Fluffy : and all his furry kinsmen
Broken bargain
Baby on a shooting star
Window to the sea
Cradle of the sea
Upon the deep
Miracle of now
Beloved one
"I love you"
Eternal you
Heart-torn echo
Sun chalice
Unfailing pattern
Released light
Octopus arms
Rag man
Eye for an eye
Why doubt the dream?
Not that my faith has failed
Choir of autumn
Rendezvous with light
It is man's to choose
Beyond this death
Crinoid prophecy
Astronomer's search
Dual man
Written in waves of light
Something more than I
Embryo of man
Chaos held the miracles
New laws released
Spirit victory
Death in a canyon
Cyclic processional
Living answer
The rich young ruler
Antidote of Earth's mad fist
Intruder of the universe
Triumphant on the moon
Beyond this age
I stood in Ephesus
Jesus, the Christ
Andromeda, a million years from now