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Gay Cuban nation

Emilio Bejel (Author)
With Gay Cuban Nation, Emilio Bejel looks at Cuba's markedly homoerotic culture through writings about homosexuality, placing them in the social and political contexts that led up to the Cuban Revolution. By reading against the grain of a wide variety of novels, short stories, autobiographies, newspaper articles, and films, he maps out a fascinating argument about the way in which nationalism and other institutions of power struggle for an authoritative stance on homosexual issues. Through close readings of writers such as José Martí, Ofelia Rodríguez Acosta, Carlos Montenegro, José Lezama Lima, Severo Sarduy, Achy Obejas, Sonia Rivera-Valdés, and Reinaldo Arenas, Gay Cuban Nation shows ultimately that the specter of homosexuality is always lurking in the shadows of nationalist discourse
Print Book, English, 2001
University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 2001
xxiv, 257 pages ; 24 cm
9780226041735, 9780226041742, 0226041735, 0226041743
pt. I: The building of a condemnation. 1: An apostolic paradox. Colonizing the effeminate man ; The specter of the manly woman
2: The positivist production of the pederast
pt. II: New spaces and new subjectivities. 3: The feminist, the garzona, and the gay man. Life decrees ; In the night of the world
4: Another positivist (trans)formation
5: A prison-house of womanless men
pt. III: Revolutionary normativities and their effects
6: Creative redemption in a providential teleology
7: A queer response to postmodern simulation
8: The (auto)biography of a furious dissident
9: Attempting a difficult rectification
10: (Un)veiling machismo. The masks of mascaras ; The search for an elided voice ; Writing lesbian desire
11: Gender trouble in the land of the butterflies
12: Crossing gender and national boundaries. Dissemination, consumerism, and new stereotypes ; Nostalgia for the new home ; An aesthetics of destabilization
The Cushing Library/Women & Gender Studies copy was acquired as part of The Don Kelly Research Collection of Gay Literature and Culture