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Gun violence : opposing viewpoints

Provides arguments from both sides of such topics as gun control, private ownership of handguns, gun licensing, and the responsibilities of gun manufacturers
Print Book, English, ©2002
Greenhaven Press, San Diego, Calif., ©2002
175 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm.
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Online version:
Gun violence is a serious problem / Violence Policy Center
Gun control advocates exaggerate the extent of gun violence / Dave Kopel
Gun violence among youth is a serious problem / Children's Defense Fund
The problem of gun violence among youth is exaggerated / Barry Glassner
Gun ownership contributes to violent crime / C. Emory Burton
Gun ownership does not contribute to violent crime / Glen Otero
Legalizing concealed weapons makes society safer / Don B. Kates
Legalizing concealed weapons does not make society safer / Douglas Weil
Gun ownership increases personal safety / Thomas Sowell
Gun ownership decreases personal safety / Handgun Control Inc
The Second Amendment protects private gun ownership / Stefan B. Tahmassebi
The Second Amendment does not protect private gun ownership / Rachana Bhowmik
The Second Amendment protects the inalienable right to self-defense / Larry Craig
The Second Amendment is not absolute / Michael W. Warfel
The Second Amendment safeguards individual liberty / Charlton Heston
The Second Amendment should be repealed / William Safire
Stronger enforcement of existing gun control laws is needed / Charlton Heston
Stronger gun control laws are needed / New Republic
The licensing and registration of handguns would help reduce gun violence / Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
Gun licensing and registration leads to increased crime, lost lives / John R. Lott Jr
Gun manufacturers should be held responsible for gun violence / Dennis Henigan
Gun manufacturers should not be held responsible for gun violence / Jeremy Rabkin
Gun safety education can help reduce gun violence / Patrick McShea
Community organizations can help reduce gun violence / Join Together