Front cover image for Forging radical alliances across difference : coalition politics for the new millennium

Forging radical alliances across difference : coalition politics for the new millennium

This anthology challenges dominant approaches of explaining social movements and coalition building, and aims to understand and explain how radical coalitions work in order to enable the development of visions and plans for change that advance and sustain political activity.
Print Book, English, ©2001
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, London, ©2001
xiv, 274 s. ; 24 cm
9780742510579, 9780742510586, 0742510573, 0742510581
Part 1 Preface Part 2 Foreword Part 3 1: Introduction Part 4 I: Theoretical Perspectives Chapter 5 2: Multiple Identity and Coalition Building: How Identity Differences Within Us Enable Radical Alliances Among Us Chapter 6 3: The Dream of Common Differences: Coalitions, Progressive Politics and Black Feminist Thought Chapter 7 4: From Mere Solidarity to Mirror Solidarity: Building Alliances on Perceptual Ground Part 8 II: Barriers to Coalition Formation Chapter 9 5: Collaborating Across Difference: From Theory and Rhetoric to the Hard Reality of Building Coalitions Chapter 10 6: Building Alliances Between Immigrant Rights and Queer Movements Chapter 11 7: "Isms" and AIDS: Transforming Multicultural Coalitions into Radical Alliances Part 12 III: Local Community-Based Coalitions Chapter 13 8: The Challenge and Rewards of Coalition Building: Pittsburgh's Alliance for Progressive Action Chapter 14 9: Party Time? Building a Progressive Electoral Movement: A Case for the New Party Chapter 15 10: Organizing for Democracy Through Faith-Based Institutions: The Industrial Areas Foundation in Action Chapter 16 11: Let's Not Create Evilness for This River: Inter-Ethic Environmental Alliances of Native Americans and Rural Whites in Northern Wisconsin Part 17 IV: Feminist Coalitions Chapter 18 12: Anti-Rape Coalitions: Radical, Liberal, and Black Feminists Challenging Boundaries Chapter 19 13: Negotiating Difference: Singaporean Women Building an Ethics of Respect Chapter 20 14: Feminist Women and (Pro) Feminist Men: Moving from an Uneasy to Radical Alliance Part 21 V: Student Coalitions Chapter 22 15: Reasons to Resist: Coalition Building at Indiana University Chapter 23 16: Building Community Amidst the Ruins: Strategies for Struggle from the Coalition for Justice at South Hampton College Part 24 VI: International Coalitions Chapter 25 17: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Alliances: The Perils of Success Chapter 26 18: Coalitions Working for Social Justice: Transnational NGOs and International Governance Part 27 Index